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                                         THE SIGHT GUIDE

                                    By Dr. Cyres  K Mehta

Dr Cyres Mehta is an eminent Ophthalmic Surgeon practicing in Mumbai as the Chief of Asia’s most advanced Eye Centre “Dr.Cyres K Mehta International Eye Centre”.He is  Cataract and Glaucoma specialist. He is highly experienced and qualified. His Eye Centre is equipped with the latest German diagnostic  Hi-Fi  technology machines. He has been awarded for his pioneering work in  Robotic Laser Cateract Surgery and minimally invasive SMILE Laser Vision Correction.

“The Sight Guide” is  a very useful book for all who care for overall betterment, care and  treatment of their eyes. Book explains in simple u language about the understanding of Various types of Cateracts, Glaucoma, Retinal datachments, Keratoconus, Conjectivitis, Adult squint, Age Related Macular degeneration.Pediatric eye diseases, Retinopathy etc. with diagrams including Cornea transplant and Laser Vision correction procedures, cost etc. He has typically explained the success ratio  and effectiveness of his ROBOTIC LASER LENS REPLACEMENT SURGERY(RLLR).Hundreds of  even advance cateract patients have got benefitted by is low cost, affordable RLLR surgeries which is painless and mere 10 minute job and discharge within two hours of operation from the hospital.

He has also illustrated the various techniques of treating Glaucoma with Angio OCT machines and modern diode laser probe. Book further dealt with Lasik or SMILE procedures for Laser Vision correction.

Lastly, the book also mentions about the use of latest Hi-Tech devices making a breakthrough like Daytona NV-SC Scanning Laser Optholmoscope, TRACEY, NANO-SLT, Tomey Pecular Microscope ,YAG Laser, Quantel Green Laser of France etc.etc.


Written by: 

Mohan Siroya


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