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“Shadow Play” was a print journal on Films, Television and Music - owned, edited, published and printed by the senior film journalist Mr. Mohan Siroya, whose personal profile can be perused separately. This regularly came out in print format from the year 2000 (Formal launching was performed by the great film and serial maker late Dr. Ramanand Sagar) till February 2007. Thereafter, the print publication was stopped due to reasons that posting the same to the entire film, television and Music fraternity along with the other interested friends and readers at large, had become time consuming and costly due to primitive postal rules and absence of guarantee of delivery. Further the cost of production too had spiralled beyond the budget of the owner, as it was sent to all FREE and as a policy, no advertisements or any commercial propaganda were carried. The owner Mohan Siroya, who is now the owner, editor and administrator of this website, has launched the said journal in electronic form from January 2008 rechristened as “shadowplayindia.com” for the benefit of our patron readers. The scope of the journal is now enlarged covering the entire gamut of the business of entertainment industry (including articles on films, TV programs, music and critical reviews and analysis) besides the articles on general interest subjects, burning social issues, Consumer problems and inter-actions with the subscribers, readers and visitors thru’ their comments or the dissemination of information by questions and answers. The editor-administrator with his rich experience on consumer and other social / legal issues can be involved / contacted for this service free of any obligation or cost. The NGOs, he is associated with and a panel of activists/experts on each topic / subject will help him in the task. You will also be able to download any article or image for your personal / community use and can forward / provide the link to all your friends and contacts, who can, thereafter subscribe this freely as long as they so wish. “shadowplayindia.com” and the team led by Mohan Siroya, heartily welcome you all as our patron readers, participants and collaborators to make a thumping success of this site. This will also help us to realize or avowed dram of free services to the community at large whether for knowledge or entertainment.


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