Unique Curtain Raiser of Marathi film “Ajintha”

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Unique Curtain Raiser of Marathi film “Ajintha” along with the music album release under saregama label

Production Designer and Producer Nitin Chandrakant Desai’s directorial foray film “Ajintha” brings in live a so far untold love story with classic –folksy music of 18th century.

This film curtain raiser and music release event took place in the Kohinoor Continental Hotel where a special stage befitting to a fashion show style was especially erected under the design of film maker himself Nitin Chandrakant Desai who was naturally the cynosure of all eyes (Film’s entire caste, crew, invitee guests and media) The function was uniquely conceived and presented in a ‘live’fashion on stage; the way the songs were filmed and incorporated in the film by re-enactment of the same on the especially erected stage. The event, no doubt was a 'Hat Ke’ audio-visual, colourful live presentation, reverberating with all 10 songs of the film, which is now a part of music album released under saregama label. ‘Ajintha’, the world famous frescoes and caves carved in stones by the 18th century Buddhist artist/monks in a tribal belt of Maharashtra which is now world famous name as “Ajanta”(Originally called ‘Ajintha’ in Marathi).

Film is said to be based on a true love story, told never before, between Major Robert Gill & a tribal banjara girl named Paro. The film reveals the untold truth, belief in Lord Buddha. Film ‘Ajintha' is a love story mingled with the semi classic and foksy music of that era bringing forth the pure love beyond language or cultural barriers. The marvellous music is scored by Kaushal Inamdar on the famous poetry / lyrics of N. D. Mahanor, a Padma awardee.

While introducing the film Nitin Desai said: “As an artist first and a director, this film is a salute to all those who had carved, coloured, created and then discovered these caves. I always wondered how these painting where created with such a fine colours. The movie will give justice to the hidden truth, the remaining half of the story… a fact that a Indian Maharashtrian tribal banjara girl named Paro was the ones who introduced the British officer to the true philosophy behind the paintings, created from nature and the philosophy of lord Buddha”.

The grand music launch with the entire team of ‘Ajintha’ and glimpses of the movie along with the LIVE performance of lead actress Sonali Kulkarni and other dancers, junior actors made this event one of the most memorable and unique.

Written by: 

Mohan Siroya

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