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Anasuya Sengupta has made the nation proud by becoming the first Indian (Woman) to win the Best Actress award at the Cannes Film Festival 2024. The star won the award for the portrayal of Renuka in the film The Shameless in Uncertain Regard category of the Festival. It was an incredible life changing journey for her from going to Cannes as an artiste participant and coming back as the Nation’s ‘Darling’.

After graduation Anasuya wanted to make journalism as her career. But fate had something else for her. Acting was her love .She was picked up by Anjan Dutta in 2009 to act in supporting role of his film “Madly Bangalee”.After that she dabbled in theatre at Kolkata. In 2013 came down to Mumbai and took up a job as character Visualser and Production Designer in movies. And if one has inbuilt acting talent ,it will be seen by the world at its glory some day without the frills of a training in an acting institute.. This chance came to her in 2020 when a friend on face book sent her audition to the casting director Paragg Mehta who was in the process of selecting caste for film “The Shameless” for the director Konstantin Bojanov from Bulgaria. 

 The story goes that the name of Paragg himself was recommended by India’s Anurag Kashyap to Bulgarian director in one of the Cannes Fest. On the Choice of Anasuya Sengupta Paragg Mehta said “He believed that Anasuya perfectly embodied his vision of the character Renuka with her charisma and resonating presence. As for Anasuya she believes in ‘ glamor free no frill show’ as was evident even on the day when she was receiving her best actress award at Cannes. She said “She is wearing the outfit she purchased from the Flee market in Cannes.”

Bojanov acquired the film rights of Indian Authoer William Dalrymple’s “Nine Lives: The Search of the Sacred Modern India” First Bojanov wanted to make it only a documentary. But after getting funds from various sources, he planned a feature “The Shameless” starring Anasuya and Omara Shetty. Plot shows Renuka ( Anasuya)escaping from a brothel in Delhi after killing a police officer. Renuka starts a romance with Devika (Omara Shetty), a 17 year old prostitute, after seeking refuge in a sex workers community.

What an incredible journey of an unknown entity to a top name in acting !

Written by: 

Mohan Siroya


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