Gazal-Nazm Album AKSAR

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Unforgettable evening with feast of classic Gazal live performances by Singers Bhupinder and Mitali Singh and poet-lyricist Gulzar for launch of album “AKSAR

One of the rarest ‘Mehfils’ of musical mausiki combined with classy lyrics of Gulzar, present in audience to motivate live singer couple Bhupinder Mitali Singh, on a sultry evening with choicest guests and Gazal Connoisseurs present in an open air treat at the Five Star Deluxe Hotel Leela. What can be more enthralling than this ‘Mehfil’ of Classy trance, enjoying while sipping a Beer or wine? That was the launch of the new Gazal album under the label of saregama captioned “AKSAR”. As rightly said by Adarsh Gupta, Business head of saregama "An album like this as the name suggests is rare. A rare combination of Gulzar saab’s memorable lyrics sung by the magical duo Bhupinder and Mitali Singh That makes the rendition beautiful and a connoisseurs delight”.

The veteran singer couple Bhupinder and Mitali Singh have undoubtedly have unparalleled voices which have enthralled us through films and albums for many years. And today, if any literary yet a simple poetry appropriately mixed in Urdu and Hindi nuances is to be presented who can be the best choice except the veteran Gulzar saab? That is exactly achieved in this latest album ‘Aksar’. And unlike title, such enthralling musical soiree compressed in a CD does not come ‘Aksar’ but in rarity. While all the ten numbers of ‘Gazals and Geets were rendered in the launching mehfil in sonorous and lilting voices of Singh couple either solo or in duet; the ‘lighthouse’ of the mehfil was Gulzar himself who prompted with befitting inputs to encourage the singers. And present in the celebrity audience were other renowned singers like Talat Aziz, Anup Jalota, Hariharan, and Madhuri Dixit as the Chief Guest, who formally performed the album lauching.

Now the Review of album CD
“Aksar” is a scintillating combination of Lilt, Lyrics and Adaygi

Once in while, there comes an album that defines musical genius, honest and born classic. “Aksar” is that genre. Gulzar, Bhupinder and Mitali teamed together successfully earlier also (‘Chand Parosa Hai’) . But I think this is more polished and will be liked more even by teen agers.

“Aksar” is a confluence of these three wonderful talents, stalwarts in their own field. But the present teaming and tuning is matched in musical attainment with the Music and sound arranged by another veteran Uttam Singh (“Dil to Pagal Hai” fame) although all the numbers in the album are composed by the veteran singer Bhupinder Singh him self. Thus the magical combination of Aksar becomes rare. This also is a product of some of the finest poetry of Gulzar, providing different moods, phases, thoughts and experiences of the poet. Thus each song, whether a Ghazal or Nazm, tells a complete story in itself.

Produced and marketed under the famous label of saregama, album consists of ten Ghazals and Nazms; seven solos sung by Bhupinder Singh in his sonorous voice, one a duet by Bhupinder and Mitali and two solos by Mitali Singh in her sweet, melodious nuances. The opening number of Bhupinder is soothing “Kahin To Gard Udey, Ya Kahin Gubar Dikhe, Kahin Se Aata Huwa Koi Shahsawar Mile” and optimistic that it can make you sleep in peace. Sarangi and other instruments have also played in enhancing the effect. Next is his “Mere Haathon Pairon Mein, Tanhaaiyaan Chalti Rahti Hain” which gives us a velvetti feel dunked under muslin words. The next number, however, is the best, liltingly tuned in a fast pace and inspired with a natural fling of the poet’s imagination sitting at the sea shore ‘Neeli Neeli Ankhiyon Se Jhanke Re Samandar Jhankey’. Just appreciate the flight of Gulzar’s realistic ‘tasavvur’ when he says ‘Lehron Ke Paon Se Aaye Aur Jaaye, Geeli Geeli Ret Pe Kya Likh Jaaye, Kaisi Lekeeren Aanken Aanken’. Wah, Gulzar saab, Marhaba is Sadgi ka. This number also has a magical combination of Singh couple’s sweet voices, Guitar performance by young Amandeep (Son of Bhupinder-Mitali) and Tabla of Manoj Bhati. It is said that when Gulzar happened to hear that tune on guitar played by Amandeep, he got inspired and wrote this Nazm, the most romantic and popular duet song of this album.

“Aisi Madhyaam Si Bolti Hai Raat” is in semi- classical verve of Bhupinder and the starting ‘laya-raag’ is superb. Similar number is ‘Raat ko Jaane Kya Hota Hai—Hansne Lagati Hai’. In both songs, Flute and saxophone support is worth. Mitali Singh’s both solos are lively melody. “Kyon Gareebon Se Khelti Hai Raat” is marvel in poet’s depiction of killing ‘loneliness’. Her ‘Kal ki Raat Giri Thi Shabnam’ is sung in dulcet voice and sounds traces of Begum Akhtar’s greatness. “Os Gira Karti Hai Jaise, Phooon Ki Garmaish Par” is another gem from poets’ pen.

However, I will go miles to listen this magical combination of Gulzar Gazal and ‘Sogful’ voice of Bhupinder in last number “Hawaas Ka Jahaan Saath Le Gaya--- Wo Saare Badbaan Saath Le Gaya”. This gives a tragic feel of losing pain of the loved one. For this song, ‘Aagaz’ has been provided by Gulzar himself in his crystal clear voice.

This album is a ‘Real Steal’ for mere Rs.170/- Grab it folks sooner the better.

Reviewed by Mohan Siroya

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