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Parvati Sehgal


Presently a tele-serial PRATIGYA on Star Plus Channel is very popular (Monday- Friday 10-30 p.m). One of the young tom boyish character as KOMAL is played with near perfection by a teen age beauty Parvati, daughter of illustrious artist couple Anil and Seema Sehgal.

Mohan Siroya recently had a brief encounter with her.

Excerpts :-

Tell us something about your role in the Star Plus serial PRATIGYA, which is being lapped by the audience.
“Well, I am playing a spoilt brat Komal of rich Thakur family of Allahabad. . Director and the character required that I should be tomboyish and chirpy with language accent of Eastern Uttar Pradesh. But it is a parallel lead role. I am just trying to be as natural to the character as possible. This is my first acting role on the screen”.
Your acting is much appreciated and you have now become popular with audience.How do you feel with this sudden adulation?
“ I am indeed elated and feel grateful to all those who have liked my acting and also of the producer, director of the serial who put faith in my talents. But full marks must go to my parents who encouraged and guided me at all stages”.
Did you have any formal training in acting?
“No, not in acting but the art flows in my blood. My mother Seema Sehgal is a well known veteran singer, having performed and sung patriotic and communal harmony Geets, Gazals and Nazms all over India and the World.. I have also been trained in Music at the Sangeet Mahabharati, Mumbai and in dance by the Padma Shri Kanak Rele of Nalanda Dance Academy. I have overcome stage fright by performing as a co-singer with my mother at many places. As for the acting, that bug was in me since childhood. I have been a regular drama artist in my school plays. Like my mother, I am a music composer too. I had composed on a popular Nazm of great Gulzar saab. When I sang it in a literary gathering of CHOUPAL in Mumbai; it was highly appreciated”.
Since you are an accomplished composer singer and now you have also triumphed as an actor with your debut in PRATIGYA; what are your future plans?
“ I have still miles to go. So I am not in a hurry to grab the serial acting or singing offers with which I am flooded. I am still grooming and my parents are my best guide and anchors. I have to be choosy and selective on quality. of roles. Right now, I am planning to release an album of songs written, composed and sung by me”.

(P.S. : Just to mention that the TV Mag “GR8” has carried an Impressive profile of Parvati. Another feather in her cap was added a day back when she won a prestigious award as the best new talent on small screen from Jammu and Kashmir, in a negative role in serial PRATIGYA, instituted by Telly

Written by: 

Mohan Siroya

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