RhymeSkool -- Vol.1

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MAGICAL RHYMES COMPOSED AND SUNG BY THE STUDENTS OF A R RAHMAN’S ‘K M MUSIC CONSERVATORY’ (School- KMMC) and presented by the showbiz Glamour doll Katrina Kaif

Music company saregama has produced a new album to educate and entertain kids in association with KIDZEE and Sunfeast Dream Cream. Katrina Kaif, besides doing opening commentary, has also conducted a quiz and rhyme cue before each rhyme is sung.

So kids, now play this magical entrtaining CD and have some fun, dancing and learning too. Album contains 24 rhymes full of joy and wonder which will fill tiny hearts with delight. A few like “Teddy Bear”, “Ba Ba”, "Five Little Monkeys”, “Choo Choo Train”, “Ringa Ringa Roses” “Twinkle Twinkle”, “A B C D” etc.

Are ageless and familiar; some othr rhymes are new, meaningful and entertaining too written in simple kiddie style.

But speciality is in the new easy but rhythmic composition and singing style, uniquely developed by the students of K M Music School, under the supervision of maestro A R Rahman. Tunes are made from wide ranging musical mixture from Caribbean reggae to West Coast Hip-hop blended with electrifying instrumental orchestra effect. Naturally, therefore, each child will revel in its magic.

The singing artistes are all junior boys and girls. Among them two artistes namely - Ritesh and Deepmala are the winners of Junior Super Star Singing contest. Ritesh is also a guitar player.

But the credit must go to all the singers and music composer / arrangers from K M M C who did an excellent job under supervision of Rahman.

Along with the CD pack, saregama has combined a unique marketing incentive for kids. While an attractive round wonder kid sticker is provided by Sunfeast Dream; a colourful Illustrative catalogue book with cartoons, text of all the rhymes is printed and stapled inside the CD pack itself, with short biodata of key singers and composers. It comes as a free gift along with the CD pack.

This reviewer recommends that all English medium nurseries’ and primary schools should use this CD as an educational aid.

Written by: 

Mohan Siroya

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