Hollywood Block buster film "Avatar" vs. small Indian docu-film "Mine"

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Hollywood block buster James Cameron film “AVATAR” and mere eleven minute Indian Docu-film on a burning issue titled “MINE”

A very relevant and logical comparison is put on the blog spot by freelance journalist and activist Ms. Priyanka Borpujari. Also we are pleased to publish a few comments on it by the wellknown Human Rights Activist/Fighter Dr. Leo Rebello, as preface and in between the blog article indicated in brackets...

(Mohan Siroya – Editor)

(Comments by Dr.Leo Rebello

Film AVATAR and MINE - the second one is FREE... and MUST see.

Now read the article below and watch the 11 minutes film entitled "MINE" to understand what is going on in our jungles.

Stop buying the shares of Vedanta if you care and stop this displacement of natives and plunder of nature.

The following review is what I call forceful writing which is rarely seen in these days of ENVELOPMENTAL JOURNALISM.)

Now the BLOG SPOT OF Priyanka Borpujari

Avatar : Sans The Blue Aliens?

For those who found the blue creatures that flew in James Cameron s magnum opus Avatar creepy, here is a simpler version. Sans the technological inputs that cost Cameron $500 million. This is a real version. Hence cheaper. Only, the reality is too stark to digest.

This simpler, 11-minute long film, is called Mine’ - Story Of A Sacred Mountain

The analogies between the two films cannot be ignored. To begin with, both films revolve around one central topic: What would one tribe do to save their forest, their mountain, their God?

Avatar: The strange planet in question is called Pandora.

Mine: The area in question is section of Orissa, an eastern state in India.

Avatar: The inhabitants of Pandora are humanoids, called Na vi

Mine: The inhabitants of this area on Orissa are one of the most remote tribes, called Dongria Kondh

Avatar: Eywa is the deity and guiding force of the Na vi, which they believe, keeps the ecosystem of Pandora in perfect equilibrium

Mine: Niyam Raja is the deity and guiding force of the Dongria Kondh, which provides them with all their needs

Avatar: The floating Hallelujah mountains are sacred to the Na vi

Mine: The Niymagiri hills are worshipped by the Dongria Kondh

Avatar: The Hallelujah mountains is the resource bed for Unobtainium, which sell for $20 million a kilo

Mine: The Niyamgiri hills is the resource bed for 70 million tonnes of Bauxite

Avatar: Resources Development Administration is the company that has bestowed upon itself the onus of mining Unobtainium

Mine: Vedanta Resources has taken upon itself the onus of blasting the Niyamgiri hills to mine the Bauxite

Avatar: The Na vi don t need roads to the Hallelujah mountains - they have the Mountain Banshees with which they have a symbiotic relationship that transports them to the mountain.

Mine: The Dongria Kondh do not need roads built into the Niyamgiri hills, by Vedanta Resources. The hills are their home with which they have a symbiotic relationship that goes back to their ancestors.

Avatar: Jake Sully is welcomed innocently among the Na vi

Mine: The Dongria Kondh initially welcomed the move of Vedanta Resources, as it was lured by its promises of giving them a better way of life.

(Dr. Leo Comment : The indigenous people are innocent. They look upon the urban folk as their brethren - after all, aren't we all the same? Don't we all come from and go back into the same Mother Earth? Unlike the urban folk, who stare back at a stranger wondering what use could that person be to him, all that the indigenous people know is outright acceptance. Yet, history has shown time and again that it is this innocence and blind faith on the urban foreign brethren that has led to the annihilation of the indigenous people).

Avatar: Colonel Miles Quaritch says that the Na vi would be eliminated with minimum casualties - "We ll clear them out with gas first."

Mine: Vedanta has bulldozed houses of the Dongria Kondh when they refused to move from their lands.

Even the bulldozers in the two films are alike - huge yellow beasts that crash tree branches and everything else that comes in its way.

Avatar: The Na vi fight off their corporate land grabbers large machines with primitive tools of bows and arrows.

Mine: The Dongria Kondh use the primitive tool of axe - they chop the trees and block the road leading up to the Niyamgiri hills.


Vedanta Resources, on its website, mentions that it currently operates in India, Zambia and Australia - the countries where indigenous people have been systematically eliminated for the development of the few. What then, is the definition of development? Development at what cost? Development to be decided by whom? Would you let your development and thus, your life, to be decided in a corporate boardroom? Ponder: What would you do if you were to fight for your survival? Whom would then be your friend and foe?

Just like the way the Na vi needed Dr Grace Augustine and eventually, Jake Sully (it is Hollywood after all - "And a hero comes along..."), to save themselves from annihilation, the Dongria Kondh need you and me and our loud voices of dissent against the atrocities committed upon them.

(Comment by Dr. Rebello—“The last scene in Mine shows an adolescent boy, gnashing his teeth and striking down his axe in anger as he declares, "No, we won t give up our mountain.")

If Vedanta Resources continues to be the much-hated beast in Orissa, just like Tata Steel and Essar Steel are in Chhattisgarh; and if the urban folk choose to be blind to this annihilation of its indigenous brethren, then it wouldn t be surprising that few years later, this same kid with gnashing teeth will grow up with a bigger axe and sickle in hand. And he would be declared a Naxalite, a Maoist, a rebel, a threat to the nation s security.

Then, would there be a moment to ponder why did he choose that path of defending his basic right, through violence?

Posted and written by Priyanka Borpujari


Addenda: To see the docu-film “Mine--The story of sacred mountain" on YOU TUBE, Pl. follow the following link :-


Written by: 

Mohan Siroya

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