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At the outset, the new publishing house Sai-Kiran Publications must be complimented for providing a platform to the bloggers to give vent to their talents to reach millions thru’ print media.

These bloggers have amply proved that they have inherent skill to be a successful authors, writers or even litterateurs. However, to confine their creativity to a mere fiction, a mentioned by the publisher / editor will not do justice to their talent. Is not any fiction, imagination based on realities culled out or experienced from our lives or nature? Difference is the extent, the form of fantasy or drama is attached to such tales. In this book, each writer appears to have given a pie of what he or she has experienced, seen or received from real life. They are bubbling talents with “Miles to go and promises to keep” inscribed on their pen.

Aneesha Myles Shewani with her “The Muse” proved that she is as adept in creating a classy story or a literary piece, as she may be creating software as a technical write with élan. She depicted an agony of separation of a sensitive artist from his lover who was used as the muse in metaphor, culminating into an immortal piece of art. Her words “Destiny is less cruel than circumstances”. But is not it that at the end of the day, the destiny always prevails? “True love is not about fulfilment and it is not about togetherness”. Correct, but then that is platonic.

Harish Narayan’s “Abracadabra” dwells on generation gap and the sharper brains of today’s children. But in the quest for competitive knowledge, the children are losing their childhood and innocence.

Am not aware when young Ketki Yennemadi wrote her piece “What is life if you don’t have anything to die for “ after 26/11 or before. In either case must admit that the entire story was plausible but did not alarm us (especially-Mumbaikars), because we had seen that horror and carnage in live action on our satellite channels. But if it was written before 26/11 then must say that Ketki is not only a budding dare devil journalist but is a visionary too. The protagonist of the story wanted to die, so she selected a purpose to die for. After she survived and adopted the orphaned child, the story became rechristened “What is life if you don’t have anything to live for ”.

Leena Toporikova weaved a simple tale of love lost for pure selfishness and blended fiction with reality, but there was no novelty factor in “Always and for ever”.

Meena Iyer, Nivethitha Kumar Preethi Ravi, Sameera Ansari and Suchitra Ramchandran all offered a blend of fiction and mystery with their respective stories. But we got flummoxed with the treatment of difficult subjects. Some even bordered on “spirituality” or “Fantasy”. Sometimes in absurdities too our imagination can run riot and words fly boundless.

RAHUL ANAND. Let me tell that while reading your “ASL Please”, I remained spellbound. He proved, how engaging and imbibing he can become without losing the pace of his narration. It was a fun filled mix of adventures and flings all netizens or net surfers experience irrespective of the age group. Rahul can be a good screenplay writer for a movie.

Last but not least, young charmer Sneha Desai well displayed her writing acumen in helplessness of the human before destiny. Story “Today” exemplifies that even a single day can make or mar an entire life of a person. That also bordered on the psycho-analytical connect between agony of rejection, humiliation, discouragement , betrayal and tragedy, all culled from our lives.

Now a word of caution for these budding, creative writers. They should avoid using clichéd or classy literary words and try to be more earthy to impart easy grasp for lay readers for better appreciation. This way, fiction derived from realities, can be more relished.

Lastly, the upcoming publishing house will earn reputation if it avoids silly mistakes of Proof reading. For instance on pg.41 Aatish was turned from “He” to “She”, on pg. 86, the word “handed” became “handled”, on pg. 105, “the only child” was called as “an only child”. Quality of paper used with the printing type can be said as adequate looking to the affordable price of mere Rs.150/-. But what is urgently required is a well chalked out “Promotional Marketing strategy” to enable these budding talents to reach for many more eye balls.

Written by: 

Mohan Siroya



Good review and advice to all budding writers.
thankx for the kind words

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