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The legendary actor Dharmendra now is the “Brand Ambassador” for the “Yummy Chef”, new line of culinary products, a new Gourmet ‘HEAT AND EAT’ in almost all Indian Vegetarian variety of food products, aggregating to 19 brands including dessert (the mouth watering ‘Gajar Halwa’). “Yummy Chef” is claimed to incorporate freshness, gourmet taste in Northern Indian cuisine. The product is created to address the growing global demand for such premium quality heat and eat Indian food in family size packs (1 kg.—2.2 lbs.)and are designed to serve 8-10 people.

The products are cooked in virgin Olive Oil and claim to contain premium quality taste and value. All ‘Yummy Chef’ products are manufactured in India by Kohinoor brand of foods. To capture the native taste, all ingredients are procured from the reputed growers in the North India. The ‘Yummy Chef ‘products have already been launched in U S A, where the product is having a vibrant, growing market with a large number of Indian vegetarian cuisine lovers of such ready made heat and cook packs. The company is floated in USA by a Group of NRI entrepreneurs. Mr. Dinesh Maheshwary is the President in active association with of an International Film maker NRI Tirlok Malik.

On Indian launching at a Media Conference at Hotel Novatel, all three associates viz; Gurnam Arora- Jt.M D of Kohinoor Foods,Dinesh Maheshwary and Tirlok Malik of “The Yummy Chef” brand owners were present with the Brand Ambassador legendary star Dharmendra.

Bravo ! Dharamji. What an aura you still carry in your persona is seen to be believed. Past his ‘Diamond’ year, he still looks the same bubbling ‘He Man’ which media had called him years back. Yours truly was especially privileged to have shaken hand with him as soon as he got seated on the stage and wished at me. Wow! What an elephantine memory you have Dharamji. Same warmth and affection for the old pals, ‘Hum Pyala Hum Niwala’ scribes. Grateful to you Dharamji, for remembering and recognizing me, though we met after ages. Here are some excerpts of his quick repartees in media question- answer session, which he kept replete with his occasional apt shayaries (Urdu Poetry) all throughout, which followed after the formal launching formalities.

The secret of his commanding persona and health is his regime of exercises; with 45 minutes on cycle daily in his own gym and helping nutritious vegetarian diet and love for entire humanity. Non-Veg. does not suit him now a days. Strict Veggie Hemaji’s influence? May be, but he did admit that whenever he is there with her at breakfast time he gets treated by piping hot delicious Idli- Sambhar cooked by Hema herself. When asked as to what he liked most out of an array of ‘Yummy Chef’ product recipe, he said “Kaali Dal” (Dal Makhani) he especially savored. And he frankly accepted that no food can be as delicious as “Ma Ke Haath ka Khana”. He also said that media persons can personally vouch for the taste and freshness of the product as a sample will be given to all. (Sadly, that could not happen in reality).

And I will end with a suggestion to M/S D Maheshwary and T Malik that in all the packs containing MUTTER, the word is spelled as MATTER. Even in the Press Release the word ‘Ambassador’ (For Dharmendra) was spelled as ‘Ambassdor’. Is it deliberate or mere errors?

Written by: 

Mohan Siroya



Enjoyed that Mohan ji. Frankly it was quite an ingenuous move to Make Dharmendra the Brand ambassador of Punjabi food. he is our quintessential Punjabi Puttar and nurtured on sarson ka saag and makki de roti. Shall try it although frankly have never quite liked ready to eat dishes.

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